Studioutleie Oslo

Studioutleie Oslo. Dancify is a true oasis for dancers and Yogies. We offer Studio Rental!

Our dance school is located in Oslo, the beautiful capital of Norway.
The studio is in walking distance from Hasle, Økern, Ulven and Løren. T-bane 4 and 5 stops 8 min walk from Dancify.  The school is also quite close to a couple of busses. Our charming place is situated on the top floor, with windows all around. This makes it quite light and and gives a spacious feeling.


Dancify Studios is an all-in-one 700 m2 dance and Yoga space shared in 3 rooms.

Studio 1:

The ballroom alone is about 300 m2.

Studio 2:

Studio 2 is 150 m2,

Studio 3:

Studio 3 is about 82 m2.

A great venue to accommodate group classes, events, private lessons, practice, dance parties, shows.
Other activities, such as yoga, meditation, lectures, etc., are also very most welcome.


When you enter our studio, you immediately find 8 toilets and then our free self-service wardrobe, where you can change your shoes and keep your belongings. Right in front is our reception desk where you will be received with a smile for asking questions, scheduling and making payments.

The Dance Floor:

The smooth and large dance floors will give you the pleasure of moving to your favorite songs with the ease of mind. Outdoor shoes are not allowed, that way we keep the floor clean, neat and not destroying everyone’s beautiful dance shoes.

With soft atmosphere lights you can enjoy an exotic environment, without flashing lights that distract you while you try to prepare a triple turn.

Relaxing and socialising:

There is a sitting and area in the hallway connecting to all 3 studios  where you can rest your feet, and enjoy a chat 🙂

Healthy Drinks:

Water, water and water 😉 🙂  You can of course enjoy tea, coffee, coconut water and sodas as well 🙂

Dance Shoes Only:

Entrance to the studios with dance shoes/ socks only! Once in a while I look for good dance shoes for myself. Whenever I find a good pair, I order about 50! 😉
That way I can offer my students also good and professional dance shoes.

Contact us for questions or to book a visit. Other facilities we have:

  • Projector and screen
  • Professional sound system
  • 35 chairs
  • Dimmable lights
  • Atmosphere lights & mirror balls
  • Great ventilation system

Address: Find detailed info on how to get there by visiting our contact page here.
Come and join us to make this place yours!
With joy,
Dancify me by Rey the blacksmith 🙂