Private Dance Lessons Oslo Downtown

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Private Dance Lessons Oslo Downtown

Private Dance Lessons Oslo Downtown: Give yourself a mini vacation from everything going on around you. Learn 10-30 times faster. Surprise Friends and Loved ones. A perfect Gift for everyone. Suitable for Any Occasion.

Private classes with I Love Dancing’s experienced instructors and delight in dancing with the teacher!

Private dance Lessons Oslo Downton. Private lessons are a fast and focused way to progress in your dance skills. Your learning process goes 10-30 times faster in one hour private class than in 1 hour group class! A private lesson is a “one-on-one” lesson (for a student, or a couple) with your instructor. You will receive individualized attention. You learn specifically what you want to work on. Your instructor teaches you at your pace. The instruction is entirely based on your needs. In a private lesson you can feel comfortable asking questions and taking your time to learn.

Private lessons are beneficial for:

  • Reinforcing skills learned in group classes
  • Catching up on material for missed group class lessons
  • Preparing for special workshops, Weekenders, and/ or larger International events, etc.
  • Learning leading and following skills in details
  • Preparing for a Show, Party, or Special Evens
  • Wedding first dances
  • Surprise your special someone
  • Give yourself a mini vacation from everything going on around you

What to wear:

You do not need to have any special equipment for attending a private lesson.
– The office outfit is perfect.
– You can even dance in your socks if your shoes do not suite dancing in. 😉 That said it is always an advantage wearing proper dance shoes. If you have evening shoes which do not make black marks or scratches on the dance floor, bring them along, the might fit perfectly to the occasion! 🙂


To schedule private lessons is easy, you can call us, Visit us in Oslo downtown. You can talk directly with your instructors and they work with you to understand your goals and will accommodate your busy schedule.

All private lessons are scheduled by appointment only. Call us, send us an e-mail, book at the reception.
You can also book your private lesson Online here…!
Discounted packages are available.

Payment/ Cancellation:

– All private sessions are prepaid.
– We have a 48 hour cancellation policy.