Oslo Stellar Zouk

Welcome to a weekend filled with learning/ developing your Zouk while having lots of fun!

Dancify proudly presents:
Oslo Stellar Zouk
Featuring Carlos & Fernanda
3 days of workshops & parties.
Pre party «absolutt beginner» Zouk classes.

Oslo Sellar Zouk
Oslo Sellar Zouk
[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkr-iitkkCg[/embedyt]

Welcome to Scandinavia’s
largest Zouk Floor.

Official opening of Scandinavia’s largest Zouk Floor

As creator of the beautiful Brazilian Zouk in Norway, our main goal for our Zouk events is to follow up our students, and even more important bring as many as beloved Zouk dancers together in the capital of beautiful Norway, Oslo.
Let’s meet, learn, develop, socialize and have a great dele of fun!

Rey the Blacksmith (Reza):
Reza is the creature of Dancify School and host of Oslo Stellar Zouk.
He is also Dancify’s director and head instructor.