Norway Zouk Project

We dance Brazilian Zouk, Brazilian way!

9 weekenders with workshops and parties with amazing International Zouk Artists/ Instructors.
Welcome to 9 fun weekends filled with learning, dancing, socialising, and having crazy lots of fun!

Rey of Dancify proudly presents:

Norway Zouk Project 2020

Featuring Wakko & Masha, Carlos & Fernanda
– 2 days of workshops (Intermediate and up) & 2 nights of parties + Sunday After Workshops Social.
– Fun Pre party “Absolutt beginner” Zouk class on Friday and Saturday
– Free parking

When are the Weekends?

Where are the Weekends?

Eikenga 11
0579 Oslo, Norway

Book your weekend/s:

Wakko and Masha improvising …

Carlos and Fernanda Improvising

Where are the weekends?

Scandinavia’s largest Zouk Floor

Why Norway Zouk Project!?

All the way back in 2003, we introduced the beautiful Brazilian Zouk dance for the first time in Norway, and have been working around the clock expanding this beautiful dance also in Norway, and adding the country on International Zouk map!

Our main goal of this project is:
– Keeping the spirit and roots of Brazilian Zouk while adding modern elements into it.
– follow up our former and present Zouk students, and also Zouk community in general.
– bring as many as beloved Zouk dancers together in Oslo, the beautiful capital of Norway,.
Let’s meet, learn, socialise and have a great deal of fun!

Reza “Rey the Blacksmith”:

Dear beautiful friends.
My name is Reza (Rey the Blacksmith). I am the creator, director, and the head instructor of Dancify School and Festival Centre, and the organiser of Norway Zouk Project.
I am also considered to be is the most experienced Zouk male instructor in Norway.
I work with dance and relating events and products on full time basis.
That is one important reason why I can simply not afford offering my students and guests a 2nd best option!”.
Even more important for me are my mottos in life:
“Life is too short to do things halfway!”.
“Do what you love, and love what you do”
Thank you for joining my classes and events.
As people say; “a blacksmith always appreciates when his/ her job is appreciated”.
Appreciate your support 🙂