International Zouk Flash Mob Oslo

International Zouk Flash Mob Oslo Norway. Coordinated by I Love Dancing,

International Zouk Flash Mob Oslo

2016 International Zouk Flash Mob Oslo Norway is coming up:

The 5th International Zouk Flash Mob will be held on Saturday 17th of September 2016! Thousands of flash mob enthusiasts (students & teachers) from many cities in the world will perform Zouk on the same day to promote it, get together in a fun way, make the Zouk community grow & feel our big family vibe! The Zouk community in Oslo will join again & will perform in Oslo downtown. You can be part of it dancing, watching or filming it for us 🙂 INVITE YOUR FRIENDS!

International Zouk flash Mob oslo, instruction and practice

The instruction and practice in Oslo will start Thursday June 2nd. We invite everyone to join the classes, even if you don’t feel comfortable performing the dance in public, because you can learn to use it only for your social dancing. You don’t need to bring a partner. We rotate partners during the classes and in the end we will help to set fixed partners according to who shows up. Beginners are welcome (take 1 private class with us if you don’t know the basics and lateral step) and all ages are welcome. In 2014 Oslo performed with about 26 people. We are hoping that this year we can beat our own record!

WATCH the 2016 CHOREO:


Learn the choreography with the most experienced Zouk teachers in Norway, Reyza & Karina!
The training sessions will be held at I Love Dancing, downtown Oslo.


On the 5 Thursdays of June, from 18:30 to 20:30 Reyza & Karina will use their regular classes to break down in details the lead, follow & body style of the most challenging moves used on the FlashMob, with good technique explanation, in a way that it really works on the dance floor outside the routine & you feel confident! They will teach you how to mix & match the moves on your social dancing and variations of them.
18:30-19:25 we use the Basics class for the easier
moves (ioio, bônus, traveling ioio, etc);
19:30-20:30 we use the Beyond Basics class for the other


10 hours of classes for 990,- (790,- for students) or if you join the 2nd class only (5 hours), it will be 620, and 490,- for students. Pay upon your arrival. Check also punchcard, drop in and other options at
If you have our Silver, Gold or Diamond card, all is included to you. The fee is used to cover location, insurance, promotional expenses, administrative expenses and staff pay.
If you’re missing some sessions then you have to do some homework to catch up or take private classes.


On the 5 Thursdays of June, from 20:30 to 21:00 Reyza and Karina will teach the choreography of the Flash Mob 2016, with not much focus on the lead & follow, so that all can manage to memorize & practice the entire routine during this time. These hours of teaching will be FREE for everyone, you only need to pay for the usual 50 NOK entry for the party which happens usually at this time, until 22:30 or 23:00. If you have paid for the course that runs on the same day, this part is free. After that we will practice a few times every Thursday during the zouk socials on Summer to keep the memory fresh… so try to join as many socials as possible 🙂 Let’s make International Zouk Flash Mob in Oslo yet another unforgettable dance event in Oslo, the beautiful capital of Norway!


Friday 16th of September (7pm) – Quick test-run at flashmob venue (optional) + group dinner for those interested. We will post more details here soon.

THE BIG DAY: 17th of September:

MEETING PLACE 13:00 @ I Love Dancing (Tollbugata 13). We will quickly organize the final details & perform in different places of Karl Johans gate, Akerbrygge & Opera if not raining, so we get more exposition and great footage. If it rains, we can keep on practicing at Tollbugata 13, and wait until rain is over, so we can perform on the street. Otherwise, we go together to another covered place to perform. We should be finished latest by 17:00. We are open to suggestions for where else we can perform. Let’s make this year the best yet for the International Zouk Flash Mob 🙂
Contact Karina if needed: 45851885.


Would you like to film this great happening and/ or know anyone who could be interested!? Please let us know, and will add the news to the event! 🙂


Other schools are welcome to teach the choreo & perform together with us. They can send their info to Reyza (Oslo Flash Mob coordinator), and he will update the fb event with the news! 🙂


We have created a group for Internatioal Zouk Flash Mob in Norway. Please join the group and invite people who might be interested in it to the group 🙂
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We have created an event for the Internatioal Zouk Flash Mob Oslo. Please join the event and invite people who might be interested in it to join too! 🙂

International Zouk Flash Mob Oslo, What a cool way to start the new Zouk season!

Warm Welcome! 🙂