Gratis West Coast Swing og Zouk Sosialdans

Gratis West Coast Swing og Zouk Sosialdans. FREE SOCIALS: West Coast Swing on Tuesdays. Zouk on Wednesdays. WITH FREE COOKIES :)

Gratis West Coast Swing og Zouk Sosialdans

Gratis West Coast Swing og Zouk sosialdans

The season is changing and time to enjoy more social dancing, meet friends and also make new friends.

We offer also social dances like Salsa, Bachata, Samba, Swing and more. For complete schedule, click here…

The first and the longest…

I Love Dancing is the first and longest existing Dance school of it’s kind in Norway. We brought the following dance forms to Norway: modern Salsa in 1995. Brazilian Zouk in 2003 (along with Forró, Gafieira, etc). Modern Bachata as we know it today in 2009. Our regular Thursday Zouk socials and classes has been going on since 2009. Since Summer 2016 we moved it to Wednesdays.
Our West Coast Swing Tuesdays has been around for quite some years, and WCS Sundays for 6,5 years.

Passion, Honesty, and Integrity

Dancing is not only our passion but also our life and living. Our focus is offering high quality instruction and events keeping our customers’ needs in mind.
We believe honesty, INTEGRITY and business ethics are very important and serving our dance community according to those values are of the highest priority.

Professional Courtesy

One example of that, we never set an event that collides with another event on the same dance style, at the same time and city.
This in order to not split the community and respect other fellow organizers
There are 7 days in the week to be explored and enough space for our small dance communities to have each dance style offered every day of the week, while KEEPING THE COMMUNITY UNITED AND HAPPY, rather than splitting them in 2 or more competing events on the same hour.

If it comes a time where a certain dance style is offered with social and classes all days in the week, only then it makes sense to open colliding events if there is a demand. Please support the initiative of honest and careful organizers, so they will be there for you with more sustainable events.

Wish you all happy dancing, and looking forward to see you on the dance floor!
We’re grateful to you!