Drop in, det er fortsatt mulig å være med på alle kurs


Drop-in passer for deg som ikke kan følge opp et fast kveldskurs. Du kan da ta drop in når som helst på hvilken som helst på de timene som e på ditt nivå. Timene ho oss varer i 55-60 minutter.

Our 8 weeks courses allow you to focus on one particular dance at a time and are designed to clearly explain technique and help you understand the body mechanics and coding involved in each dance. These details are taught through learning interesting and unique steps and routines and body motions. The classes are run by highly experienced instructors. Having fun, and quick results!


  • Beginners/ Basic courses:
    Our beginner / Basic courses are progressive. We focus on teaching one dance for the 8 weeks, each week reviewing and building on the prior week.
    If it’s your first time to a beginner course and you are late with catching the start of the 8-weeks course, you can always book a private class with us to be able to catch up with the group as a drop in or join the remaining course.
  • Intermediate to advanced classes
    You can drop in during any 8-weeks course mentioned in our schedule. in order to attend, you need to have completed (and practiced) the previous level at I Love Dancing, or have completed learning a minimum of basic skills in another dance school.

Not sure about your level!

We will be happy to talk with you and help you determine if you are able to take a drop in at your desired class based on your experience.


  • Pay as you go
    You can purchase each class individually upon your arrival at the reception.
  • Pay online in advance.
  • Punch Card
    You can also purchase our Punch Card which will give you about 20% discount on each class. It is good for 10 classes and you is valid for 6 months.