Dance Shoes

Choosing the right shoes for dancing!
Shoes & Soles:

When you go for a couple dancing class or evening party, wear comfortable shoes, with leather soles, to make easy the turns on a parquet/ laminate dance floor. Or wear any sole that makes turns very easy. Rubber soles and anti-slide are not good, as they will inhibit your spins and may ruin your knees and ankles after one class or over time. Only the rubber soles from dance sneakers are good. For your first dance classes, if you cannot afford yet getting the right dance shoes, you can also dance on your socks, but you shouldn’t dance barefoot.
Dance Sneakers & Dance Sleekers for Ladies & Gents:

Dance sneakers are more flexible and comfortable than normal sneakers, and they have a spinning system on the soles that allows you to turn easier. It’s a great option for classes, and specially for dance congresses where we dance all they long. It’s also ok to wear them for parties, but have in mind that there are other dance shoes more elegant for these occasions. Read below… Dance sleekers can work well if they have suede soles. Most dance sleekers in the market does not have suede soles and are not appropriate for the dances we teach. Dance sleekers are smaller & lighter than dance sneakers. You can find a variety of dance sneakers and sleekers at our studio.
Dance Shoes for ladies:

For ladies, it’s far more elegant to have high heels. In order to have good balance and not get tired, the heel should not be very thin, and must have up to 5 or 6 cm. If the lady is used to walk on high heels, it can also be higher. We have a good selection of ladies shoes with low heels, in many different colors. Good for tall Norwegian ladies, and for ladies who are not used to dance on high heels. It’s dangerous to dance with a bad quality dance shoe. You could twist your ankle very easily. Nowadays there are cheap shoes from China, but often they don’t have the technology needed. If you fall and break your ankle or have other injuries, the result is not cheap, and it’s not fun. At I Love Dancing we care for your health. We study what we sell, and offer you good information on our products.
The dance shoes for ladies at I Love Dancing have the following characteristics:

They are soft padded, and are designed to give you stability and elegance. – They are made with leather or suede soles. – They have often a metal shank in the arch for support and are very light in weight and flexible. Sure enough, the lightness and support feels very different, somehow exciting and energizing.
Fit and Function:

Dance shoes fit unlike any other shoes. Dance shoes are worn considerably tighter than street shoes. They fit more snugly. Dance shoes must not pinch or bind; you want to be able to move smoothly and concentrate on your dancing, not on the ache caused by a poor fit. So all parts of the shoe should be in contact with the foot. If your feet shift easily within the shoes you cannot correctly control your poise or your dance posture. Loose shoes can also cause painful blisters on your feet. Full-foot insoles push the heel forward and ruin the fit. Your heel should be completely back in the heel cup of the salsa shoes for best balance. Ordinary shoes normally look like and give the feeling of stepping ‘like a truck’. With a good dance shoes, every step you give will look so cool! Even if you are a beginner, you look more advanced dancer, because it looks nicer, and you will feel much more stable. You feel like stepping on the clouds! Wearing a good quality dance shoes are a wonderful way for beginners to start their dance affair.
Dance Shoes for Gentlemen:

Ordinary shoes normally look like and give the feeling of stepping ‘like a truck’. With our dance shoes, every step you give will look so cool! They are designed to give you stability and elegance. The heels can be ordinary or a little higher than normal, putting your weight on the balls of your feet, where it should normally be. This way you fell more elegant and have more speed. They are soft padded for extra comfort, giving you the feeling that you are stepping on clouds all night long. They are made with leather soles. We have available different models in black, without or with shine. We have also black & white, brown, beige, white and red, and much more! You can also order your own colors and sizes to fit perfectly to your costumes or outfit. To have your perfect costume-made shoes, we make you try what size is your best length in your chosen model, and what size is your best fitting, so you will wear the most comfortable party shoes ever!
At I Love Dancing we always quality check and choose the best products before we offer them to our customers.

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